I decided I didn’t like the idea of going to college in the city. Too busy. Too frantic. Too crazy.

However, I wouldn’t mind running down to Boston and wandering around there sometime… I like the city, just not to live in. And Chinatown… there HAS to be some shop somewhere which sells cute stationery! Cute asian stationery! 

And Boston seems to have awesome restaurants with awesome food. When I was touring Boston University with my family the other day (I didn’t apply there, my brother did) the tour guide was going on and on and on about what the city had to offer, and a lot of it is food. Yum. Even the university itself has an awesome food court where you can spend your meal points. The food court has pizza, Chinese food, burritoes, fries, sandwiches… drool. 

Still not enough to make me move to the city. I’m glad I didn’t get into Brown. Providence is bad enough.

I’m visiting Boston College tomorrow. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Oh, I love city life, NY is my favorite. Oh, your brother is attending Boston U right now?it’s a good school but I prefer Boston College too. It’s good you and your brother will be in the same city but different school. lolz.

    • Actually, he isn’t going there, he went to visit =) He’s probably going to go to this college in the area though – Brandeis. A lot of people I know prefer BC to BU.

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