View of Silence

I misjudged myself again. I seem to do that a lot. A couple of days ago, I got a big envelope from Boston College.

Inside there was a huge booklet with “BOSTON COLLEGE WELCOMES YOU” in enormous letters. There was a letter with textured, cream-colored paper. It began,

Dear _____

I am delighted to offer you admission to the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston College. Based on your academic …. blah blah about my achievements

I think that I didn’t expect that I’d be accepted into this college. Am I going to it? We’ll have to see about that… and also when the financial aid comes in. But for now, I’m basking in the ego boost it gave me.

But that’s not all. 

I received another two big envelopes. The first was the financial aid package from NYU. The second was the financial aid package from Providence College. 

NYU offered me a lot of money and offered to give me more if I transferred my National Merit first choice to them instead of BC.

Apparently PC offered me their St. Dominic scholarship. Only 30 people a year get this scholarship, and I was one of them. It’s full tuition for all four years. I would have to stay on campus (fine with me) and be with the Liberal Arts Honors program. (Fine with me as well.) If I graduate from the program successfully… it would look very very very good. Especially when I apply to graduate schools. 

I am just blown away.

My friend asked me, “So what do you think God has been teaching you through this process?”

I was silent for a while. 

I haven’t told him yet. 

But I believe that I shouldn’t doubt God. If God wants me to go somewhere, then he will help me go into that college. However I don’t think it’s just a case of doubting that God would get me there. It’s a case of worrying that God doesn’t want me to go anywhere.

I see now that that’s pretty stupid. 


I think I’ll just sit here and be blown away for a while.

God is good.


3 thoughts on “View of Silence

  1. wow, congratulations. How’s your fin aid for NY? Are you able to get scholarship and grant? Since all these schools are so expensive , hope you receive scholarships and grant.

  2. “I think I’ll just sit here and be blown away for a while.”
    congrats, abby
    and ignore my previous comment asking where you were going

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