Tribute to a very dear friend

My first memories of Vivien were of when she first came to our church. She was living with Aaron and Amos and I remember that she was very serious, wore glasses, and did not smile much.

I also remember her as my small group leader when I first joined 11:28 fellowship. I really liked how she led the discussion. Somehow she always found time to talk about our weeks and collect prayer requests as well as discuss what we had learned that night.

For a brief time this past year, Vivien would take me out regularly to Panera and we’d have a Bible study and afterwards go window-shopping. Now, I’m not much of a window-shopper. I’m not much of a shopper, period. But I really enjoyed these times. It was really quite humorous sometimes. We have different styles of clothes and different tastes. Vivien would take random clothes and say, “That would look soooo good on you!” And I’d say, “uhhh…. I do not think so…. uhhh….” 

I’m going to miss our times together now that Vivien is heading back to Hong Kong. But there’s another thing. Vivien seemed to be on a quest to help me become more feminine. She’d give me advice on makeup and clothes. In fact she recommended that I should start wearing eye cream so I wouldn’t get permanent bags under my eyes. But now that she’s going back to Hong Kong… who’s going to give me advice on how to make myself beautiful?

Vivien, I’m going to miss you. However, I’m very thankful that God put you into my life and that I got to know you and be your friend. God bless you wherever you go, whether you stay in Hong Kong, or whether you eventually come back to RI and be with us again. Keep in touch! Because I will. I love you!


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