Who am I?

It is very hard to define oneself.

Who am I?

I am an imperfect person living in an imperfect world. I am trying to make the most if it, wherever I go and whatever happens.

What do I do?

I write. I get writer’s block. Then I write again. I am a musician with a fondness for piano music and dark chocolate. I read. Most fantasy and science fiction, though recently I’ve branched out to include fashion blogs. I am currently deciding what I want to be.

I am a dreamer and an idealist.

What makes me happy?

Classical music. Good writing. Cats. Chocolate. Trips to the library. Writing. I also love sunshine and flowers and rain. And laughter.

And finally, though not least important, I serve God and others (in that order) with all my heart and soul. 

Peace out.

❤ 2009

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