Listen to the Silence

There are some days when everything goes wrong. I feel depressed, unmotivated. The words on paper don’t look as good as they did in my head. I can’t set the right tone with an article. It’s just not good enough. The printer keeps on jamming and facebook gives me proxy errors. I get inspired, only to lose the thought moments later. I’m tired, frustrated, and ready to quit this project. 

During these moments, what should I do?

I sit down again, take a deep breath, and continue writing.


ps: Reading too much Oprah makes me feel sick after a while.

One thought on “Listen to the Silence

  1. i have days like this. more and more so over the past few months. it feels like i lost my muse altogether.

    but do what you do, sit back, breathe, step away for a while and come back to it. you’ll eventually get it. and for those bad days, everyone has em, i have em everyday, but just figure, other people got it worse you know!

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