It's been a while.

It’s been a while since i’ve posted here. I started two more blogs.

I love to write, and I just have so many ideas running through my mind right now. Today I managed to get this blog transferred over to my other account with all the blogs on it. I thought at first that I’d have to make all sorts of separate accounts to get more blogs but no… I can have as many blogs as I want on one account. So much easier to manage! So today I contacted support at WordPress to get it done and they had it done WITHIN 5 MINUTES!!! They’re amazing and I love them!! 

Anyway, the first blog there is for my spam adventures. I really do have a lot… didn’t know it before.

The second one… it’s advice on how to be the perfect lady! Inspired by Sarah Haskins and Cathy Guisewite. Love them!!!

This one is more personal. It’s more contemplative and stuff. It’s more for me than anything else.

About my last post, nothing has really changed. I just have to accept that and move on. I don’t think things are going to change. But I think that’s ok. I just can’t help wishing for stuff… that isn’t going to happen anytime soon if ever.

Peace out.


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