Do you remember the laughter?

There are a lot of things I miss about our friendship. I miss how we used to talk to each other about  lots of stuff. Do you remember? We could talk about almost anything. We’d just sit there, and talk. You’d make time for me. And it made me feel so special. I can see it now…. you and I sitting there talking about movies and Spiderman and Star Wars… it was awesome.

I miss how we used to give each other hugs. Granted, we never hugged each other that often. Maybe once every 6 months. There was also that time when you were leaving on your trip to the mountains and you gave me a flower and a hug. I was surprised. I was happy. Then when you came back from your trip, you gave me another hug. And one of those awful fake flowers.

That was only last year. We don’t hug each other anymore.

Do you remember how we used to laugh together? There were a lot of things to laugh at. You were a funny person. I am a funny person. Now if I laugh you yell at me. The laughter’s disappeared and I don’t know where it is or whether it will come back.

Why can’t we talk to each other without getting mad and snapping at each other? Maybe you’ve just hurt me too many times. Maybe I’ve lost what respect I had for you. Maybe I’m just tired of waiting for you. Waiting for you to remember that I’m around and that I am – WAS – your friend. Waiting for you to remember all the promises you made but broke. I don’t think we can ever go back to that time.

I miss our laughter the most.

I’m sorry.


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