Flawed Beads

I love making jewelry. There’s a site called Fire Mountain Gems that sells beads and other supplies wholesale. They have GREAT deals and I’ve bought from them lots of times. Even with shipping they’re a lot cheaper than Wally World. Once in a while they’ll have an all out sale. Beads at bulk price (more bulk than you usually get them there). In the catalogues (which I love flipping through on a rainy day) they have these great pictures of these great looking  beads. And of course I’ll be like, “I want it!” 

Sadly, the pictures and the real thing don’t match. The beads are chipped and their finish isn’t so great. No wonder they were so cheap. Yeah. I still use them though. After all they still have holes.

And I can come up with some really creative ways to display them. Even though they’re flawed, they are still of use. 

Even better, they can still look beautiful.

Isn’t it amazing that flawed things can still be turned into something beautiful?

Peace out


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