My psychology professor once spoke about the concept of feeling indestructible. He said that many teenagers have the idea that nothing can harm them and that they can always survive in spite of what they do. He said that this is why many teenagers experiment with drugs and drinking and unsafe sex. Simply because they believe that nothing really bad is going to happen to them. Sure, they’ve heard the stories of the teen who got AIDs… the teen drunk driver who crashed into a tree and killed himself… but they believe that those things happen to “other people.”

Not them.

It’s not that a lot of people don’t know that what they’re doing is dangerous. They’ve heard it from their teachers, their parents, and God knows who else. They just can’t seem to accept it in their head that they could be seriously harmed. 

But what about ME? Am I guilty of this kind of thinking? Have I, even on occaision, bought into the myth that I am indestructible? Have I?

Yes, I have. 

Far too often.

I think teenagers are not the only ones who fall for this. How many times do we do something that we know is wrong without seriously considering the consequences of our actions? It doesn’t even  have to be something we know is wrong. Maybe I didn’t read the instructions closely for something. Maybe I said something careless and hurt my friend. Who knows? It could be all of those things. 

It takes something profoundly humbling for me to realize that I’m not indestructible after all. I’m mortal, weak, and I make many mistakes. 

Yet I can still rise out of the ashes of my past mistakes and move on. Thank God for grace…

Peace out.


One thought on “Ashes

  1. so true! from the first paragraph i knew too well what you were speaking of. and reading through the rest, i was nodding. that’s me, the girl who thinks big things only happen to “other people”. i guess, sometimes the hard way is the only way (to learn), and sometimes by then it’s too late (eg with AIDS), but as you said, we can always make use out of situations like that. like the lady i once blogged about who had HIV but didn’t let it get to her and sit her down and end her life even while she was live; instead, she got up taller and went around doing talks and educating people. the HIV didn’t kill her, it revived her and she even celebrated it’s birthday! great post 🙂

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