Inspiration Station

Inspiration strikes at the wrong moments.

I was thinking about my next blog post. I thought about a really awesome idea. It was totally PWNing as my friend Rob likes to say. You’d have loved it.

Then I forgot what it was when I sat down at the computer to blog. 

I just love how memory works sometimes… how you’d think of something awesome that you’d like to tell your friends… and then you forget.

And then it pops back into your mind when you’re taking a shower. Or when you’re lying awake at 2 AM in the morning. At the most inconvenient times!

I sometimes wish inspiration would strike me when I’m sitting in front of the computer, or at least near pen and paper.

Not when I’m pooping! Please, NO!


One thought on “Inspiration Station

  1. LOL. agreed! so know what you mean :p i get it mostly in the middle of the night, and STUPID tukha never learns! i think “oh, i’ll do something about it in the morning” and BAM! i forget :S LOL, it’s like with text messages! i have a habit of deleting them as soon as i receive them. the stupid thing is, when i get them at night, i delete them, thinking “i’ll reply in the morning”. in the morning, i’m lucky if i even remember who it was that texted me, never mind what it said!

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