What makes you happy?

Chocolate makes me happy.

Gingerbread Wookiiees make me happy. 

Yelling at the “teh spamrs” makes me happy as well. For some reason it gives me a kick. Like drugs. Like cocaine. Only I wouldn’t know, never having tried the latter. And hopefully I never do. That would be bad.

But I can’t explain it. I kind of feel this sense of satisfaction (or fuzzy feeling, if you will) from telling them “please don’t spam.” or “I don’t care if you have a lover.” “Yes, you really need to learn grammar”.

Spam is annoying. Spam is very annoying. Most of them are hit and run spammers anyway. I was chatting with my friends on this chat thread on this forum I frequent, and spammers like to jump in and say, “ajdljafjio” or “*smilie*” or “I need a lover! I am a single and lonely woman.” 

And then I’ll say, “Your cat needs to stop walking on the computer.” “smilie back, use words?” or “I don’t care if you don’t have a lover. Does this look like a dating site?”

It’s all good.

Peace out.



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