Spam Wars: Episode II

“Attack of the Teen Spamrz”

Hello everyone. This is our second installment in the Spam Wars series. This episode is from the point of view of a teenage spammer on a facebook application’s discussion board. Please read and enjoy! The translation is the second half of the post, btw. I’m not even going to go into how hard it was to type.

hi! im 12 yrs old n a femle! i luv my spp pet and i luv 2 go 2 teh spp pet frum! i also luv 2 pst clik me 2 get coins!!?1 i sre luv gettn does my pett. hez kewt. i luv gettin coins so mch dat i wll post 10 tmes in a row! wen i get mre coins im hppy…

ill tell u wut hppned teh odder dy. i wuz psting lyk i usullay do n someon treathned 2 rport me. %&(^*(& stpid prson &*%&(  tey dun no wut teyr takkin bout!1 teh nxt day, i found lots of my coins gne.i gt angryy n cmplained. 1 of teh so clled embessadoors came n told me y. but i coodnt unnerstnd her wrds. tey were 2 hrd 4 me. 

honestly wut iz rong wit ppl sometims?? tey, lyk, need a lif. tis forum iz 4 cliks and tings.

c u rund! i will nxt b postin up snpyshoots of my habi, 15 tyms in a rw!!!


Hi! I’m 12 years old and a female! I love my superpoke pet, and I love to go to the superpoke pet forum! I also love to post “click me” to get coins! I sure love getting coins. So does my pet. He’s cute. I love getting coins so much that I will post it 10 times in a row! When I get more coins, I’m happy. 

I’ll tell you what happened the other day. I was posting like I usually do, and someone threatened to report me. ^&R%^&* stupid person!!! $^*(&!!! They don’t know what they’re talking about! The next day, I found a lot of my coins gone. I got angry and complained. One of the so called ambassadors came and told me why. But I couldn’t understand her words. They were too hard for me. 

Honestly, what’s wrong with people sometimes?? They, like, need a life! This forum is for clicks and things. 

See you around! I will next be posting up snappyshots of my habitat, 15 times in a row!!!




Moral? Learn to read. It helps.


4 thoughts on “Spam Wars: Episode II

  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. ths lyk rlliii mde me laff!!1!11! it was actuallii sooo kewtt!!!! u rlli did it wel 😀 keep it up, omgzzz cnt w8 2 c the next 1zzz :D:D:D

  2. oh, and i LOVE the “teh” hahahaha ^_^ it reminds me of my friend from high school, she always did that! first i thought it was a typo, but she LITERALLY did it EVERY TIME she was trying to say “the”, so i guessed it was done on purpose! don’t ask me why you would purposely misspell a word :S but i found it so adorable 😛 hahaha! anyway, keep up the great work, i’ll be showing my friends these! xx

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