All I want for my birthday

My birthday is coming up! 

So…. I have to think about what I want for it.

This I already got. It’s coming through the mail. 



or this:


or this: 



or this:



But what I truly want is for Henry to treat me like a real person once and not like his secretary. I’d like him to actually take the time to talk to me like a friend and not like the little person who’s just around to be his secretary. I’d like him to value me as who I am and not as some girl who’s just around to run his errands. 

I’d really really like him to give me the gift that he’s promised me for two months. And the postcard he’s promised for at least that long as well. He keeps on “forgetting”… I wish he’d not be forgetful, just this once. 

I think it’s too much to ask.

Peace out.


4 thoughts on “All I want for my birthday

  1. good luck remember.. Guys don’t take hints well. Make sure you talk to him about how your feeling if you haven’t already. I’ll pray that u have a great b day

  2. Oh man! French onion soup at Panera! And a salad and bread. Oh man. Oh man. I usually do the half-sandwich-half-salad deal, with the Sierra Turkey sandwich and what I think is a Caesar salad. And a Coke. Mmmboy.

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