Fade to Black

“Some people fail more than others.”

Is the above statement true or false?

Or both?

One of my good friends said this to me tonight. She was depressed because of something that had happened. Because… well, because of life and the struggles that come it. She was saying to me that she was a failure. I told her, “We all fail sometimes.” 

She replied, “True. Everyone fails. But some people fail more than others, and they carry the biggest consequences.”

I thought about that for a while. My first instinct was to call it out as crap. (Not her, it). I felt that she was saying that she was THE person who was a worse failure than anyone else. Which of course is absurd (you’d see if you knew her). But… maybe she’s right. Just not in the way she thinks. 

I believe that all of us fail. Big AND small. Everyone fails in both things. The ways people fail are different for everyone, because everyone is unique. (Great. We fail in unique ways). What you see as failure may not feel like failure to one person. What one person sees as the ultimate “fail” may not be your idea of true failure.

So really, you can’t say that you’re a bigger failure than anyone else. Even though your heart tells you that. No one here has the right to judge whether you’re a bigger failure than them or not. Only God can judge. And I feel that he’s more forgiving than the people around us, or ourselves… 

However there is something known as ultimate failure. When you refuse to acknowledge your mistakes, refuse to love those around you, refuse to show compassion, refuse to listen to the people who care about you and see where you’re headed, and refuse to do the right thing when you know it’s the right thing, and die without even trying… when you refuse to do all those things and come to the end of your life without even learning to care for other people… then you have indeed failed.

It’s never too late – until you die.

Before that, you have every chance to.

Peace out.



2 thoughts on “Fade to Black

  1. i like how you think! i like your new xanga layout btw, and i love this site, it’s so pretty 😀 keep up the writing, this post lifted me up! xx

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